Aad van den Engel



Aad van den Engel is a project manager and senior researcher in the field road freight transport and logistics, and transport economics. His main experience can be found in performing cost/ benefit-analysis of (new) freight transport and logistical concepts and technical improvements. This should certainly be seen in the light of sustainability of transport and the determination of the Carbon Footprint.

A serious bottleneck in the studies in this matter was the lack of statistical information on the transport volumes, the actual fuel consumption (as principle determinant of CO2-emissions) and the link between them. Aad determined an approach, Activity Based Carbon Allocation  (ABCA), that was accepted by the European Commission. Furthermore, he was the leading author of a practical and widely used manual in which he transposed the content of the Norm EN16258 into the wording practised by SMEs.

Professional experience: 30 years research in the field of freight transport.