Carolina Ramos

Adviseur Internationaal Transport

Carolina is an International Mobility Consultant at Panteia. She  holds a bachelor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, from Los Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia. She also holds a Master in Transport Systems focus on Public Transport from the same university. She successfully completed the Erasmus Mundus PLANET Europe, a double degree Master in European Spatial Planning, Environmental Policies and Regional Development from Radboud University in the Netherlands and Cardiff University. She has more than 10 years of experience in transportation planning and sustainable development, with a focus on land-use and mobility cohesion. She has worked in the challenging process of organizing Bogotá’s public transport (SITP) as well as in different BRT planning and implementation projects in Mexico which require several stakeholder and community engagement. She has extensive experience in developing economies and participatory process for planning and implementation projects in urban mobility. Furthermore, she has knowledge of environmental performances of urban transport, in particular, reduction of GHGs as well as health pollutants such as PM10. Carolina has worked in cities and towns of various sizes, beliefs and cultures, from metropolis such as Bogotá or Santiago, to small rural areas in the Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina, Kurdistan Region, Palestine, Uganda, Mozambique, Sao Tomé e Principe and others.