Yuko Kawabata



Yuko Kawabata has been working at Panteia (previously NEA Transport research and training) since 2006. She studied Applied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology with specialisation Computational Science and Engineering. Yuko has participated in several national and European studies, mostly involving European freight and passenger models, such as the NEAC freight transportation model, the TRANS-TOOLS Freight Modal Split Model and port-choice models such as WORLDNET. These models include a module in which the future transport flows are estimated by growth factors determined from a gravity model. Yuko led several tasks during the ETISplus project, the European initiative to develop a reference transport information system to support European transport models, evaluation methodologies and policy indicator frameworks. Her role included the production of the rail freight and inland waterway databases. In addition she has been working on quantifying impacts of proposed European policies in the maritime sector using transport modelling techniques. Recently Yuko contributed to the studies on the TEN-T Core Network Corridors for data analysis and multi-modal freight modelling.